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MobiSnips is looking for a Co-Collaborator / Co-Founder

Updated: Jul 20, 2020


We are looking for a Co-Collaborator / Co-Founder who is excellent in tech marketing and passionate about news and current affairs.

MobiSnips ( is an upcoming digital news platform, currently existing as a popular Page on Facebook with 9.6k plus Followers. The followers are from diverse regions in India and across the world.

Currently, we share various news snippets, which are not covered by conventional media through this page. It’s been one year that we started MobiSnips as a Facebook page. Over a while, the posts' engagement has seen reasonable growth. People are considering it as a good source of news and human stories. We have launched a Website as well and made investments that were necessary at this stage. But we feel this is the right time to take this platform to the ‘Next Level’.

Why we are looking for a Co-Collaborator / Co-Founder?

The steady rise of Followers on the MobiSnips page and the engagement rate has made us hopeful that it has the potential to rise as an alternative news media platform.

Though there are a lot of similar pages on Facebook sharing news and stories, either they are politically biased or using the platform to criticize a public figure, without a proper balance.

On the other hand, mainstream media has deviated largely from presenting news and facts, rather they are forcing their opinions on their followers and subscriber base.

MobiSnips holds a lot of potentials to emerge as a key player in Indian news media tech companies, by creating engaging stories of human importance and video content, largely based on AI, Big data.

Who can be a Co-Collaborator / Co-Founder?

We are expecting the Co-Collaborator to have these following qualities:

  • Passionate about news and current affairs

  • Believes that news can be produced without being politically biased

  • Hates racism, casteism, religious fanaticism, and gender biases

  • Can brainstorm and throw tough, logical questions

  • Possess excellent analytical skills

  • Innovative, creative and self-motivated

  • Able to look at news media platform from tech perspectives (user engagement, analytics, big data, machine learning, etc.)

  • Excellent hold over social networking channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

  • Possess good knowledge about tech marketing, SEO, digital marketing

  • Comes with at least 10-14 years of experience in – Journalism, News Channel, Media, Tech Marketing

  • Holds Master/PG degree in – Journalism, Advertising, Marketing, Communications, Btech/Mtech

  • Comes from a good College/University background

  • Degree/certificate in AI, Big Data, Analytics is a plus

  • Thinks and takes decisions using ‘Heart, Brain, and Guts’

  • Passionate about working/running a news media startup

  • Knows how startup functions

  • No problem in remote working

  • Open to invest and look for investors (as and when necessary)

  • Good team player, responsible and a go-getter

In a nutshell, the person should be a techie with passion for journalism and tech marketing

If you think, you have these qualities or close enough, please step ahead to discuss further. Please remember that we are not merely looking for an ‘Employee’, but a solid ‘Co-Collaborator’.

Please share your updated Resume with your accomplishments and a short summary of how it is connected to the expectations mentioned above. Don’t forget to add your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Send in your resumes and summary to Or give us a call at +91 7093109590. Let’s connect to discuss more!

Thank you!

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