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Interview with Ravi Teja Sidda: The Founder of Ravireads, a unique platform for young authors

MobiSnips: Tell us about your new book.

Ravi: This book is a compilation of various phobias, causes, coping strategies, and interventions. Phobia is an extreme and irrational fear which leads to Anxiety. It is characterized by persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. The affected person avoids the situation or object, to a degree greater than the actual danger that is being posed by the object or situation. If the trigger cannot be avoided, the affected individual experiences significant distress.

MobiSnips: How did you got inspired to write a book?

Ravi: Right from my childhood, my grandmother has made me habituated to reading storybooks. I still remember the stories of Panchatantra and other book collections.

I have a habit which relates to books. I am good at book collection like pre-ordering new releases, author-signed copies and, I always prefer gifting books to people on many occasions. I Don’t know it is a good or bad habit.

In 2019 I thought that why can’t I make my book to gift people. I am sure our known circle will keep this book safely as I have published this book so he/she will little privileged as his friend/relative published this book right.

Later in 2019, I started writing one book. It is still in draft and not completed 😊. Surprisingly this PHOBIA book came first with my Psychology classmates Badri and Sasi Rekha help They are not just classmates anymore, Now key Partners in My crime (😊).

My First Book Title is ABCD of Social Media Marketing (Any Body Can do Social Media Marketing). Tiktok disappointed me to pause this book. I have spent a lot of time researching TikTok marketing.

I am sure it will publish in 2020.

Picture: Ravi Teja Sidda

MobiSnips: Why such a topic to write your first book?

Ravi: As you know I did a course in Psychology. In 2020 Due to COVID Pandemic Situation we realized that in addition to Physical health, Mental Health is equally essential. So, we thought of publishing this book around April/May, which would act as a Self Help guide.

As we are first-time authors, we have no clue how to take this forward. It took a bit more time to get published after many iterations.

MobiSnips: Today when everyone is moving towards eBook or digital book format. Why did you choose a paperback to launch your first book?

Ravi: Yes, I Agree Everyone is moving towards eBook and Digital Version. Yes, last week it is live in the amazon kindle version. We are working on other Digital Formats distribution like iBooks, Kobo, Google Play. Very soon it will be available.

I am a kind of outdated person and I still feel Book means Paperback. I don’t like reading eBooks and kindle copies. Also, spending time on the paperback book reduces the screen time, for both adults and young children.

According to me, every book has its own emotion. And another thing I love the smell of new books since my childhood. And also, we used a lot of illustrations in this book. So, we preferred paperback with color Print out. I think you already have gone through my book. You only tell me how it is. Our intention of this book attempt is this book should easily understand for school kids as well.

MobiSnips: Tell us about your journey or process of writing this book and promoting it.

Ravi: Luckily, we got Notion Press Chennai. Their Publishing Team did a fantastic job. They helped a lot to book In good shape. It took a set of iterations for us to get things done. But our final product is in good shape.

MobiSnips: What kind of initial feedback or response you are getting from the book on e-commerce sites like Amazon etc.?

Ravi: To be Honest I only Promoted Notion Press Portal rather than e-commerce giants like Amazon and flip kart for Book Distribution, surprisingly our book is Amazon Bestseller for 4 weeks under mental health and Psychopathology categories 😊. I have no clue who ordered on Amazon as of now I Received very good responses through emails and messages.

MobiSnips: Do you think authors need to do aggressive marketing/promotion for their books? Or leave it for readers to decide the fate of their book.

Ravi: Here Writers are of two types.

The first type is passionate to write books for helping people in different ways like entertaining readers and providing their knowledge.

The second type of writers write books to show their skills, potentials

But we need a third category who will have both of these qualities – They should provide quality content in addition to entertainment.

MobiSnips: You have also started a website for book authors. Tell us more about the project and what is the reason behind it.

Ravi: Reviews are very important to get your work validated, which would influence other potential readers to pick your book. More than a self-proclamation act, it would be better if others speak about your work.

I started this blog very casually for sharing my review of the books I read. In this process, I have connected authors in social media. and shared my reviews directly. They liked it a lot and shared it on their official pages and accounts.

These reviews came into interview series pictures. If my reviews are making this much impact why can’t I take interviews to create more impact, is the thing I thought.

In that way, I approached 3 authors surprisingly they agreed to give an interview. I have then published them. After that slowly the count of interviews has built up.

The real secret to building a lasting author platform is to connect. Being an independent consultant, I have been helping authors achieve personal and professional success. The goal of is to connect every author to their readers and target audience, by focusing on unlocking their needs and desires.

I am on a mission to interview 1000+ authors, get an insight into their journeys and identify their challenges, provide solutions to address the same.

MobiSnips: Are you planning for another book?

Ravi: Actually Yes. There are 3 or 4 books are in line. You can expect another book by end of this year and, I am planning to start some collaboration projects in the future.

MobiSnips: What’s your advice for new writers? What is the strategy they should adopt?

Ravi: This is my Policy Its people wish to follow or not.

When you are doing something like publishing a book or writing something or doing new things, always be with Zero expectation. Then at least you will enjoy the feel of work you did, and you will get a lot of learnings and experiences. It doesn’t matter whether it's success or failure.

Learn to accept criticism and rejection. (You will get Free Critiques and Beta Readers for your future works. Take it positively some people spending a lot for critiquing their content and products to enhance further).

The print book is now available in the international markets as well.

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